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Approaching Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a painful subject for pet parents to consider. Many of us box away our pets’ mortality in some far-flung corner of our mind, but we know the ultimate tragedy of pet ownership: our pets will one day pass away, and the pain may be more than we can handle. To prepare for the day our best friend moves on, we must research and educate ourselves on the process of pet euthanasia. As defined, euthanasia is the act of humanely ending a life to stop further, usually extreme, pain. 


For pets, the act of euthanasia is commonly referred to as “putting down” or “putting to sleep”. As pet parents, we must recognize that pet euthanasia will bring pain even to think about, but even so, we must push past the pain and educate ourselves on the subject. Being prepared for your pet’s passing will make the process more bearable and peaceful for both you and your companion. 


Your veterinarian will guide and inform your decision, but ultimately, it’s your choice to decide how your pet will pass. 


The process of euthanasia will commonly involve sedation. With the sedative, your pet will be very sleepy and relaxed before the next step. Your vet will then administer an intravenous injection primarily composed of pentobarbital, or in some cases phenytoin. Once the solution is injected, your pet will painlessly fall unconscious. You will notice the breathing of your companion begin to slow, and eventually, after a few moments, cease. As your pet’s body begins to fall to rest, their body will soon experience cardiac arrest, quickly followed by a peaceful death. 


To further blunt the blow of losing your companion, make arrangements ahead of time with your local vet clinic. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do you want to be in the room as your pet passes?
  • Do you want your pet’s passing to take place at home?
  • How will bills and after-death arrangements be handled?


It’s never easy to think about death, especially when it relates to your loved ones, but asking yourself these hard questions will better prepare you and your pet when the time comes to say goodbye for the final time. 


We Will Comfort You and Your Pet

If your pet is enduring chronic pain, don’t let them suffer, bring them over to Culebra Creek Veterinary Hospital and Resort for a full medical evaluation and advice for how to handle your pet’s condition. Our full-service clinic is fully prepared to handle any pet illness, no matter how life-threatening. If you are worried about your pet's health or know it might be time to say goodbye, call or visit us today.


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